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100% weight loss guarantee

Stay slim also after the dieting

100% healthy weight loss method

100% weight loss guarantee

Custom program just for you

100% healthy weight loss method

Supported by doctors and nutritionists

Custom program just for you

Meets the World Health Organization Guidelines

Supported by doctors and nutritionists

Lose weight healthy and easy!

Meets the
World Health Organization Guidelines

Weight Loss Plan

Verified in 170 countries worldwide

Diet program

More than half a million satisfied users

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What is StockholmHealth.com?

StockholmHealth.com is a weight loss program based on the healthy eating fundamentals developed at the Swedish Medical Center founded by Swedish doctor Nils Johanson. The effectiveness of the program has been confirmed by over half a million people from 170 countries worldwide, who have achieved their dream body with a StockholmHealth.com program.

Why do people choose StockholmHealth.com?

StockholmHealth.com guarantees results, because weight loss is based on activating your metabolism with healthy foods and a balanced menu designed for each day on your plan. The process is healthy, and users achieve results easily, because the program does not require exhausting workouts, food supplements, or drugs. The result lasts – the extra weight will not come back once you stop doing the diet. More than half a million customers in 170 countries across the globe have already lost weight using StockholmHealth.com

Diet program

While on my diet, I actually ate more than usual, and this put my metabolism into gear

Healthy Diet Plan Before After

– Diana (31)
lost 8 kg with the Stockholm diet

Beautiful Body

"The Stockholm diet is a healthy weight loss method that works!"

– Alma (23)
winner of the world’s most challenging marathon, future healthcare specialist

What is included in the individual weight loss plan?

In seven days, extra weight is reduced with an individually tailored nutrition program. By consuming meals that are quick and easy to make, participants achieve effective weight loss. The meal plan is easy to follow for people with a busy lifestyle. Each participant’s weight loss is supervised by a nutritionist to achieve the weight they’ve always wanted. In seven days, your weight will go down and you will feel great. Upon completing the program, you’ll receive tips from a nutritionist for always staying in shape. With the StockholmHealth.com diet, your weight loss goal is realistically achievable; therefore, we guarantee every participant 100% satisfaction!

A daily plan created just for you

Individual consultations available at any time Free of Charge!

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What do nutrition experts and doctors say about the StockholmHealth.com program?

Weight Loss Plan

"Shed your weight for real or get your money back!"

The StockholmHealth.com method is unique and allows us to provide a guarantee to each customer: the weight you lost will never come back, or you get your money back. A lot of participants are surprised about how the extra kilos indeed never return once they complete the diet.


Nutritionist with long-term experience in medicine; fitness athlete with a trainer’s education. Viana creates both effective weight loss diet plans for people who cannot do sports on a daily basis and also individual training schedules. Owing to a broad educational background and experience, Viana ensures an effective approach to teach each client’s target body and looks. A high sense of responsibility and a broad mental outlook in the field of health ensures excellent assistance for the clients of StockholmHealth.com to lose weight.

Diet program

"Finally, a method that lets anyone lose weight"

This is not just a diet. It is a complete system, finding the right approach for each individual. I should stress this – for each individual, no matter what your previous experience may have been, or what situation you are in now: we will find the best way to help you actually lose weight once and for all. The StockholmHealth.com diet is conceived in such a way that anyone – even an extremely busy person who has practically no free time – can lose weight. By the way, most of our customers say they’ve spent less time on cooking and eating their meals than they did before our diet.


Liene holds a Master’s degree in nutritional sciences. She has participated in scientific studies. She is adept at seeing things well in context and in isolation, which enables her to handle any issue a StockholmHealth.com participant may have, communicating with them to get to the bottom of any question and find the best solution.

Healthy Diet Plan

“Every kilogram lost reduces the risk of heart disease, cancer and diabetes.”

"Make the first step on the way to your health – every kilogram lost reduces the risk of heart disease, cancer and diabetes. The first steps in the battle against extra kilos are the most difficult ones, often lacking in nutritional awareness and a bit of professional advice. You need a specific diet plan made by experts, who guarantee successful weight loss. Stockholm diet principles meet the World Health Organization Guidelines for healthy eating. As far as possible, the diet is adapted to your daily routine and your body’s characteristics. Your extra weight may lead to serious diseases, so don’t leave it for tomorrow, start today."

A PhD candidate, dietetics department doctor

What’s the guarantee that the StockholmHealth.com program will be effective?

You will lose excess weight using your StockholmHealth.com plan. However, if for some reason you are not satisfied with the results you achieved, send an e-mail to diet@stockholmdiet.com or call 00371 66088016 within 14 days and you will get back all the money you paid on the same business day. StockholmHealth.com is one of the leading weight loss programs in the world, and its effectiveness has been confirmed by more than half a million satisfied participants from 170 different countries, which is why we can confidently provide our customers with the 100% satisfaction guarantee.

What makes StockholmHealth.com different from other weight loss methods?

The weight loss is 100% natural – without any pills and without any food supplements.

You will lose weight without additional physical exercise.

We give a 100% weight loss guarantee.

A custom plan developed specifically for you.

Beautiful Body

"I started seeing results pretty soon – the diet activated my metabolism, and I lost 5 kilos in the first few days. It’s worth it! The main thing is to fill out the test, register for the program, and it will happen!"

Keep your result after the diet Before After

– Linard (35)
lost 7 kg with the Stockholm diet

How do I apply for the StockholmHealth.com program?

You can apply online by filling out a weight loss test. You will find the test at the top of this page.

What do I get if I sign up with StockholmHealth.com?

Every customer who applies for the StockholmHealth.com weight loss program receives a custom weight loss plan and individual nutritional advice online.

What happens if the program doesn’t work?

If you are dissatisfied with the results of the program, we will refund your participation fee.

Will the extra weight I’ve lost come back after I complete the seven-day program?

No, the weight you lose does not come back.

Is the StockholmHealth.com program healthy?

Yes, the program is healthy and efficiently revs up your body’s metabolism, thanks to the effort of qualified nutrition experts.

Will I receive a weight loss plan immediately after I make a payment?

Yes, you will receive an individual weight loss program right after we receive the fee.

Will my personal data be confidential or are they disclosed to third parties?

Your personal data are confidential and protected under the Personal Data Protection Law.

StockholmHealth.com values


Our number one priority is your result.


We understand your problem and we have a solution.


Our priority is your wellness and achievement, so we adjust the program to each participant’s situation.


We provide regular communication with our nutritional experts.